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    • Features: LMag-i1
      • Exceptional performance and value
      • Multiple outputs
      • User-friendly backlit display and user interface
      • Simple installation and commissioning
      • Ideal for HVAC applications

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    • Features: LMag-i2
      • No moving parts
      • Economical
      • Durable
      • Easy to install
      • Easy to maintain
      • Pulse output standard
      • ±2% of reading

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    • Features: LMag-F Range


      • Specify AC or DC. Standard single pulse output. Optional 4-20mA, HART, Modbus®, data logger


      • As above with standard 4-20mA LMag-Fr
      • As LMag-Fb, but with remote display

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    • Features: LSonic
      • Accurate over a wide flow range
      • Reliable, no moving parts
      • User-friendly ‘Smart Button’ technology and backlit display
      • Detachable display
      • Built-in interval data logger

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    Since 1975, Litre Meter has supplied businesses worldwide with a large selection of durable, industry-standard flowmeters.

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